About :

You may spot Brooklyn-based British expat Victoria Sullivan, as she pedals the tree- lined blocks between school drop-off, photo shoots and appointments, greeting her neighbors, friends and clients. Wife of Esquire Fashion Director, mother of two, Victoria is a multi-tasker.

Her home, like her personal style is a combination of all things easy-going and eclectic, refined and charming. Victoria has an uncanny knack of transforming the ordinary and unloved to highly covetable and unique.

These exceptional skills are evident in the transformation she made to the dilapidated town-house she and her husband Nick bought four years ago. Her skilled eye and strong aesthetic make it easy for her to find well-priced treasures that others over-look, from brick and mortar structures to antique lace dresses.

After a gut renovation, Victoria sanded, painted, filled and fixed every element of every room, maintaining as much of the authentic architectural detailing as possible. Cool paint tones on period-detailed walls create the back-drop for key elements of furniture, artwork and lighting that Victoria finds from a combination of antique specialists and local stoop sales. She curates the spaces with carefully selected pieces from a mix of eras and sources. With a love of wallpaper, textiles and upholstery, she remodeled forlorn finds and was able to breathe life and charm into every piece of furniture that followed her home. Books, ceramics and other such collectibles are layered into every shelf and surface, making irresistible stories that lead your eye through her interiors.

With her sister, Victoria runs White Rabbit England producing & designing high end Nursery gifts for baby's & children. The product is sold in major UK retail stores : Harrods, Liberty, Conrans, Heals, John Lewis, Fortnum & Mason, Fenwicks and now in their own section of Selfridges.

Prior to moving to NY, Victoria ran Factory for ten years, her own London based photo-shoot production company, working with some of the best fashion photographers. Many a day was spent running around with Mario Testino, Tim Walker and Kelly Klein, making impossible requests a reality.

Victoria now co-ordinates and hosts both commercial and editorial shoots in her high-demand home. She works with clients to develop interior stories for their apartments and residencies, re-defining their style, maintaining their personalities.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Kitchen

The Kitchen 

Chose this large farmhouse style table for dinner parties. can actually fit 14 people.
The perfect space for parties and hanging out.
Picked an old vintage school map for the centre of the wall and added random frames and pictures for interest.

The old chimney breast couldn't be removed so made the best of it by adding an old piece of wood for the shelf and turned it into a blackboard. 
Great for things to do lists.
A collection of flea finds, globes and clocks 

I used a dark wood stain , Ebony on the floors. This was a real stretch workout. Had to be careful not to paint oneselves into a corner.

 White tiles behind the cooker but I always use a grey grout it really creates a different look to white grout. 
I'm always on the look out for unusual ways to store things like this old tool box great for herbs and olive oil.  
Handy to have a magnetic knife holder on a wall for the cooks in the house.

This is what the space looked like when the house was purchased. The perfect spot for the cooker.

 This is how the front of the kitchen looked like. With a little imagination I opened up wall and had a large window installed. 

Keeping the white tiles along the back wall and adding a double Farmhouse sink which really makes the kitchen.
A chopping block work top is practical and natural looking.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Flea finds 4- Bits and Bobs

Our homes need bits and bobs to create an individual look.
Flea markets are great places to find weird and wonderful objects for walls and mantles. 

Look for old things that you can't buy in Home Interior shop and that no one else will have makes it unique.

A wooden pulley block looks great anywhere and could be used as a door stop.  

We found these great pieces on the beach in Miami last year. 
A beautiful coconut and a broken off sponge brings back memories of holidays in a bathroom.

My husbands African Tribal masks are a growing collection. 
Some came from a tour to Tanzania 
and one I found in New Yorks Housing Thrift works for $6.00 !!

Old glass cloches can be pricey.Look for ones with clocks in like this one I found upstate at a flea.
I removed the clock and painted the base. 
A lovely way to display anything and can be changed easily .

Another Portobello road London find in a junk shop for £50 probably off a Royal Mail delivery van.

These scales just look great in a kitchen off a local Stoop Sale for $10 .

Old wooden Hunting Boot trees were off ebay.
A good idea to glue the separate pieces together as the are very heavy.

Cow skulls look great in a kitchen you can buy faux animal heads now if not into the real thing.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Flea Finds 3 - Armoires

This armoire was painted a pale color.
I had some old fabric and attached inside of the chicken wire.

Burlap was added that inside the doors for jewelry.

This armoire became a TV cabinet hiding all those unsightly things.

This has a weird story.. A neighbor was throwing this gorgeous piece out that he had custom made for his pets. 
It was so heavy that I had to get my 2 men and a van to bring it home.
It wasn't in great shape but with a lot of love transformed it into a functional linen cupboard.

Originally a horrid gold / brown dresser.
Just a bit of paint again.

This desk was found at a Flea upstate. It had a snake like plastic fabric all over it. It took a while to strip the gooey stuff off revealing an aged look.

Believe it or not originally a gloss white armoire.
Painted in a lovely pale duck egg green.
Functions as a larder/ china cupboard in a kitchen.

Flea Market finds 2. Mirrors

This beautiful dressing table mirror came with the dressing table .
I bought it near Portobello Market for £100 before moving to 
New York.
It's still one of my favorite pieces.
Of course it got a lick of paint and I recovered the stool with some vintage French fabric.

This mirror I found upstate. 
It's a good size and perfect for reflecting the light and making the space seem brighter and bigger.

Two separate finds. 
The mirror was originally a dark wood.
I also loved the antique look the glass already had with age.
I started aging mirrors myself a few years ago, a little messy and a little like cooking getting the glass to look naturally old, but this mirror was perfect.

The dresser was covered in a high gloss white paint which I immediately stripped with paint stripper , sanded and added a lovely pale grey paint matching the mirror in the same color.

These two pieces were both in a Thrift store in New York. 
I immediately fell in love with this farmhouse dresser. 
Didn't need to do anything with this at all.
The large over the mantle mirror above did however need a coat of mat white paint.
This was attached on a white wall behind it and looks like part of the original house.

I nearly crashed my car when I spotted this fantastic mirror outside a junk shop.
I had been looking for a special mirror for a while to go in a bathroom.

Flea Market finds. Bedroom dressing table

I found this ugly kidney shaped dressing table at a flea and put it to good use in this Teen bedroom makeover.

I gave it 2 coats of China white with an underlay of grey and some sanding and new handles.